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11 Best Dark Brown Hair With Light Brown Highlights For Iconic Beauty

Highlights are not only a great way to add a pop of color to your hair, but also save you from damage. Subtle highlights work amazingly to give you a high-fashion look. The dark brown color is very popular among the girls and if you get the Dark brown hair with light brown highlights it will be eye-catching.

Mocha Highlights

Boost the natural brown color of your hair by playing with the shades. You can go for a coffee toned look for a good Dark brown hair with light brown highlights.

Rose Brown Highlights

You should have known about rose gold hair. get ready to behold the beauty of rose brown hair with This pink tinted light brown shades.

Burnt Orange Highlights

The orange highlight is not always ridiculous in theory, Highlights in a muted shade of burnt orange stand out beautifully against dark brown hair.

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