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11 Best Exercise For Weight Loss In 7 days | Fastest Weight Loss Exercise

Excessive weight is a bad thing and very embarrassing too. When you are desperate to lose your weight you must be finding a way to lose weight very fast. You can lose your weight in many ways. With a proper diet, exercise will help you a lot. You can get a challenge of Exercise for weight loss in 7 days. Workout challenges can be a fun way for a healthy lifestyle. You should get ready to drop some beads of sweat, and fat too. When you take exercise for weight loss in a week as a challenge you will get confidence and will be able to lose more fat in the following week. Don’t stop working after 7 days, you have to keep working and increase the workout if possible. You have to do many things at the same time with exercise like you have to motivate yourself; you have to make a diet plan to have the right food and drink. Eating healthy or doing exercise isn’t just about the number on your scale. There are many other things that affect your health besides your weight. Being overweight is affecting your day to day life and you should set a goal Even if you know the fastest weight loss exercise. Find out some Motivation for 7 day workout challenge. You will find here the ways of weight loss exercise plan at home. let’s start to the road to Exercise for weight loss in 7 days.


  • Eat more vegetables and lean protein with fewer carbohydrates.
  • Skip the sweets like sugary drinks, and drink plenty of water instead.
  • Try to keep track of your diet with a journal or blog.
  • Exercise daily and include some interval training.
  • Maintain your new diet and lifestyle habits after the challenging week is over.

Need to get fit in quick! We have gathered some top instructions from the experts. You can perform this circuit twice in a week. Keep your flow continue while maintaining good form. Take it slow for the shapers and try to pause. You can set lifting 2 to 5 pounds as a beginner. Do three workouts during the week on working days. We have tried to describe the things to be followed. you have never found this easy finding the best Exercise for weight loss in 7 days

Adjusting Your Diet

Consume more vegetables, healthy fats, and lean protein by shaping your meals so they contain one protein source. Try to keep one low-fat source and one low carb vegetable source in your diet list. Keep your carbohydrates intake in the suggested range of 20 to 50 grams per day. You don’t have to restrict yourself you always can enjoy a variety number of foods to get a large number of nutrients. There is much healthy protein source like egg whites, soyas and chickens. You can have many fishes like salmon and selfish or shrimps. Low carbs veggies are including cabbage, lettuces, cucumber and many other steaming veggies. Vegetables are rich in antioxidants. You can get fat from different sources like avocado oil, nuts, olive oil and coconut oil etc.

Some important tips before starting the process of Exercise for weight loss in 7 days

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Drink water – it is one of the most important parts of Exercise for weight loss in 7 days. It’s a good idea to drink plenty of water and to drink several glasses throughout the day equal to 2.5 liters. You know you’re hydrated when your urine is clear or nearly clear.

Give up sodas, even diet varieties, contain loads of sugar so Join in for the 30 Day No Soda Challenge.

Try to avoid junk food and fast food and cook at home whatever you want to eat. Discover online lots of clean eating recipes.

Eat more fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, lean protein, and low-fat dairy and processed food with sodium and refined sugar.

Eat smaller portions, about the size of your fist. It is recommended to eat small meals. You can join a skinny club who are trying to complete a 7-day workout challenge.

Read labels and look at the ingredient list. If the product contains refined sugar, enriched white flour or any reverse ingredients avoid it. Reading the ingredient label is a must if you are looking for exercise for weight loss in a week.

The exercises you should practice throughout the week.

Foosball Kick

Targets: Abs, butt, and quads

Stand holding a lighter dumbbell in each hand and bend elbows to bring weights near the rib cage, palms facing towards each other. Keep weight tucked by ribs throughout moves.

Shaper: Stork Stand with Curl

Stand straight on right leg with left leg bent behind you. Hold a heavier weight in each hand facing fronts of thighs.

Mover: Sidestep Squat with Row

Targets: Upper back, biceps, butt, and legs

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To try this step of exercise for weight loss in 7 days you have to stand up width apart holding a light weight in each hand. Keep your elbows slightly bent facing to the thighs.

Shaper: Reverse Lunge with T-Raise

Targets: Shoulders, butt, hips, quads, and calves

Stand straight with feet width and hold a heavier weight in every hand keeping the arms aside.

Mover: Cancan Kickback

Targets: Triceps, abs, hips, and one leg with other toe touching floor a few inches in front of you. Hold a lightweight in hands and extend your arms slightly behind the butt.

Shaper: Woodchop Plie

Targets: Arms, butt, hips, legs, and inner and outer thighs

Stand with feet hip-width apart pointing the toes slightly outward and hold a heavy weight in each hand. You can carry dumbbells near the ears.

Mover: Hands-Up Front to Rear Lunge

Targets: Shoulders, butt, and legs

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Stand with feet hip and hold a light weight in each hand facing the palms forward. Bend your right knee 90 degrees aligned and the left knee 90 degrees to the floor.

Modified Weighted Hundred

Targets: Abs, deltoids, and lower back

Sit on the floor and bend your knees holding a heavy weight in each hand palms facing the floor. Do this 20 times.

Mover: Iron Mountain Climber

Targets: Chest, back, and abs

Place the lightweight on the floor facing the shoulder to the floor. Grab the dumbbells and face the palms to the floor and get into push-ups. Balance your hands and toes in a straight line. Lift left knee towards the chest keeping the position maintained.

Shaper: Wringer

Targets: Shoulders and obliques

Hold the heavier weight in every hand and lie back on the arms by side. Face the palms extended.

Do Cardio 30 Minutes a Day

Cardio exercise helps to burn more calories and you should know that any exercise involves heart rate burns more calories. You can reduce your fat and burn more calories if you pick up a cardio routine that engages multiple muscles at the same time. for Exercise for weight loss in 7 days, You can consider trying spinning, cardio kickboxing, and many kinds of boot camp workouts. Everything appears sleeker and tighter. You can burn more calories every session if your exercises include interval training because interval restores your energy. Trainers swear it by and the experts are not sure why and how it works.

Have Nightly You-on-Top Sex

You will not need an excuse to hook up with your guy every night but the fact is the position is a fat blaster. Being on top means you can do some rocking things and can be more active on the bed. the more you can stay the more you can lose weight. Sex pumps up your pleasure and levels of feel-good helping you get rid of food cravings. Get on the top of your guy and let him take rest for a week to give your thighs extra push. it is an effective way of Exercise for weight loss in 7 days.

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Do 36 Push-Ups and Lunges Every Other Day

These gym class staples may help to sculpt the muscle to sport a streamlined appearance. Do three sets of 12 of each exercise every other day. Make sure that your back and legs stay in a straight line during the pushups to improve muscle tone. You can build even more muscle with the lunges if you hold free weights in each hand while doing them.

Sleep 30 Minutes More a Night

The extra half an hour of your sleep time can refresh you for better food choice and feel energetic. 7 to 8 hour is the best time for sleeping that helps to boost your metabolism. try this Exercise for weight loss in 7 days.

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Stand Up Straight and Do Squats and Sit-Ups

Keep your spine rigid and your shoulders back while sucking in the belly to get a slimmer and streamlined middle. Try these techniques for Exercise for weight loss in 7 days. Try three sets of workouts to tighten your abs, butt, and legs temporarily.

Deny High-calorie comfort foods

As soon as the summer goes temperature starts to drop and you want to go for the comfort fall foods. Yes, I am talking about the pecan pie, apple crisp, mashed potatoes, turkey stuffing, and creamy soups. You should hate those extra calories to have a healthy diet. If you can’t resist yourself from the seasonal special dished your jeans will not feat in the winter. There are a lot of diet recipes made for the people like you to win the weight loose challenges in this fall.

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Commit to a seven-day exercise plan or an Exercise for weight loss in 7 days

Most of the exercise plans recommend working out five days of the week and taking some rest. It depends on your fitness level to commit the exercise level every day for more intense. Rather than overdoing the workouts focus on being consistent and sticking to the exercise plan that is realistic and actionable. Create an exercise routine at the same time every day. You can try this every morning or every night, even after dinner or lunch. Look at your schedule for the week and use a pencil in workout time. Look at your exercise for the week.

Stretch after your warm up with cardio and at the end of your workout

It’s important to stretch your muscles after some minute of cardio warm up. so you do not injure yourself while doing high-intensity exercises. You should also stretch for five to ten minutes at the end of your workout because Stretching will keep you from pulling your muscles. Do basic things so your bigger muscles are warmed up to get ready for a workout. Do basic leg and arm stretches so your bigger muscles are warmed up and ready to work during your exercise routine. Practice different types of workouts like lunge stretches, calf stretches, and butterfly stretches.

Do high-intensity interval training (HIIT)

HIIT is an exercise program that is an alternative to intense exercise along with little intervals for recovery. This type of exercise will help you burn fat first. Intensive exercise will help you burn fast faster. You will be able to store body fat during the recovery time. You can perform HIIT exercises with gym equipment, or an exercise mat and a few free weights. There are many popular HIIT programs, read below to learn.

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The Beach Body Workout: This twelve-week HIIT program will take only 21 minutes and just three days a week. It is designed to help make your body strong and sculpted. This workout targets specific areas of your body such as arms and abs. it integrates cardio and stretching. After week one of the programs will start to notice a leaner look for stronger muscle.

The 25-Minute Sprint Fartlek Workout means “speed play” in Swedish. This type of HIIT program combines continuous training with speed intervals. You control the intensity and speed of each interval, so the training can feel spontaneous and engaging. This program focuses on cardio training, where you walk or do any other activities.

The Countdown Jump Rope Workout: you will need a stopwatch to do this interval workout and a jump rope. Start trying to jump for two straight minutes and rest for two minutes. Start jumping again for 1.5 minutes and rest for two minutes. Finish with jumping for 30 seconds and rest for three minutes before repeating the process.

Exercise for weight loss in 7 daysimage source

Join a sports team or a recreational league

Playing sports is a great way to burn calories while having fun. Sports put a little competitive fire into the equation; you often forget that you’re working out, and will still likely break a sweat. Sports good for weight loss include many types of sports like soccer swimming, basket balls, and others.

Soccer: This sport will boost your cardio and help you burn fat in a great level.

Swimming: An hour of swimming in the pool will burn 400-600 calories, and tighten your joints, muscles, to improve the blood circulation.

Basketball: playing a game of full court basketball can help you burn a lot amount of calories around 400 to 700 calories.

Take a fitness class

Mix up your exercise week by joining a fitness organization that combines cardio with strength building and training. Mix up your workout week by joining a fitness class that combines cardio with strength building and interval training. Cyclone is great for weight loss and muscle strengthening. Take a spin class as your calorie burning exercise. Cycling is great for weight loss and muscle tightening.

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Here is a weekly summary of your exercise for weight loss in 7 days


Do strength and interval training during the fat loss workout. Strength training and interval workout boost your metabolism after exercise. Something that cardio doesn’t do very well at all and strength and interval workouts burns fat in a better way. Billy Williams says that he lost 14 pounds in a month and the weight is just falling off him. His wife says that she now looks like when they first met and still have more to go. He can fit into his old jeans again which is a big deal for hi wife. He just cut back on starches and bread and do Turbulence Training 2-3 times a week. What he thought would take a million years that just took 10-20 minutes of weight training followed by some cardio would get me such steady results.


Do 30 minutes of activity and something fun like Walking the dog or Walk with your spouse. Do some yard work and make some running. Whatever you do, don’t feel like you have to do a cardio exercise in the gym.


Do another strength and interval exercise which you can do at home with only a dumbbell, A bench, and an exercise ball. No unusual or amazing equipment needed.


Make fun of other activities of half an hour. After reviewing your liquid calorie consumption take a note of how much alcohol juice or soda and sweeteners you drink per day. Make plans to reduce your liquid calorie intake and replace zero cal beverages or try to drink green tea or water only.


Finish the week with another strength and interval of exercise. Try to find a new low glycemic vegetable today such as squash, yam, green beans. The more vegetables you eat the leaner you will get.


Meet a friend for 30 minutes of workout and have a healthy lunch with your friend. Swap stories and tips about how to stay on the track each week. Give each other social support.


Start your day amazing with half of an hour of activity followed by the schedule. Pick up extra vegetables from the store and try new lean protein consumption.

There you go, here is a seven-day workout plan for you to try losing weight in a week. you can lose your weight fast with these 11 best Exercise for weight loss in 7 days.

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Set yourself at the start up initially and make some objectives to lose weight this year. People often set a weight loss goal, but they don’t have a good plan on how to this. Without a perfect plan, you can’t stick to your goal. Set a goal that is realistic and specific. Walk for 15 minutes and three times in a week after work or dinner. Add more fruits and vegetables omitting high-calorie foods to your food chart. Focus on the changes that re possible to make.

You can lose your weight in many ways. With a proper diet, exercise will help you a lot. You can get a challenge of Exercise for weight loss in 7 days. Workout challenges can be a fun way to a healthy lifestyle. You should get ready to drop some beads of sweat, and fat too. When you take exercise for weight loss in a week as a challenge you will get confidence and will be able to lose more fat in the following week. Weight loss is all about motivation and when you want to really lose your weight you have to determine first to stick to the plan.

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