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19 Best Long Bob Haircut To Get Inspired

Polished fun

this is an ultra-sleek and polished look to make a statement. Try wearing a side-swept bang for more attraction.

Side Forehead-Framing Fringe

It’s a bang; styled away from your face and to one side. Try classy side fringe hairstyles as the best frame for your cute facial features.

Textured fringe bob

here you get a variation of the classic bob. Customizing your long bob with a signature bang can really make a statement. This is a beautiful and very low maintenance hairstyle.

Stack attack Bob

this gorgeous stacked bob has everything you want in your hair. Wear this style with a fabulous color, beautiful bangs, and texture.

Retro doll

everyone loves to go classy. This bob shows off a modern sleek style with retro classic waves.

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