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15 Most Popular Simple Nail Art Designs for Every Time

When you are complete with your makeup you have to wait for your nail art design. Fashion lover girls like to paint the nail with different nail art designs and some like to have Simple Nail art designs.

Every season has different arts but there are some common and simple nail art designs which are always trendy. When you are looking for some classy and cute nail art designs you must prefer some elegant and gorgeous colors that that matches your outfit. There are many trendy nail ideas for every season and we have collected the classiest and trendy nail arts to add a special effect.

Pastel Pink Nail Design

This nail art design takes plain pastel pink to a whole new level of cuteness. The silver lines create this edgy look that is hard to resist. It is subtle and so pretty that you can’t overlook it. It can be recreated in a few simple steps. Start by painting your nails with the pastel pink nail polish using a thin brush and Finish with a top coat. Pink Nail Design is very feminine and cute.

Two-Toned Blue Nail Art

It is a very simple nail art design to recreate and it looks very fresh. You can use any two colors that you like to achieve. It glam up your look and make your nails flash. Start with applying two coats and Top it up with a clear polish to set.

White and Orange Flames Nail Art

Everything about this simple nail art design is so fresh and joyful. The color mix-up is great and it can be pulled off in summer look. You can use a different set of color if you want a different look. You can add some flower and create a floral design for some added feature.

Purple-Pink Floral Nail Art

This Purple-Pink Floral Nail Art looks nice as hell. The pink and white combination is very glamorous like you are enjoying spring on your nails. It’s a very simple and classy design. It can be designed very easily in a few steps. Wear it to brighten up those dull days on a sunny summer day.

Lavender Circles Nail Art

This cute nail color art uses lavender and gray nude together making it a greater combo. You can brighten it up in a moment. It is great for almost all the seasons like winter or blue rainy day.

Cracked metallic nail art

This is a really stylish and creative design to paint your nail. You get something new and more interesting than the usual art design on the nails. Try the combination of a classic silver and black. These colors are generally neutral and suitable for any occasion. You will just need a simple black nail color and metal nail polish to complete the effect.

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