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What Are The Major Vaping Health Risks And Side Effects

Human habits changes day by day and vaping is one of the most trending topics among the youth and teens. There is a question rising about the vaping health risks and the bad factors. Vaping is known as using e-cigarettes. People think that it is a safe alternative of tobacco cigarettes. More research is needed to understand all the effects of vaping, and its side effects.

What is vaping?

Vaping means E-cigarettes and they are battery-operated devices that heat a liquid and turn it into an aerosol to be inhaled. The solution contains nicotine with other additives and flavors.

One of the primary concerns about vaping is that it contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance. So it is not an alternative of tobacco cigarettes. If tens attempt to take e-cigarettes to stop smoking it can be a serious problem.  It might create strong cravings, anxiety, irritability, restlessness, difficulty concentrating, depressed mood, frustration, anger, increased hunger, insomnia, constipation or diarrhea. Studies have shown that long-term e-cigarette smokers take the same amount of nicotine as regular tobacco smokers.

Nicotine dependence in teens and young adults is particularly concerning vaping health risks factors. An addictive drug such as nicotine can create permanent alterations in brain chemistry. Learn here about the vaping health risk and the side effects.

Brain risks:

The brain continues to develop until age 25, so nicotine or vaping can damage the developing part of the brain which controls learning and the ability part to concentrate.

Behavior risks:

E-cigarette use means using other nicotine products like conventional cigarettes or cigars. The vaping health risk rises if the teens use it for other drug intakes like marijuana.

Inhalation risks:

There are many vaping health risks as it contains nicotine with small particles that settle in the lungs. It comes with many flavors which include diacetyl (a chemical that adds a buttery flavor) are related to lung disease. Other hazardous substances found in vape smoke include benzene (found in the exhaust from cars) and heavy metals. So who inhale directly or secondarily have health risks.

Device risks

E-cigarettes use rechargeable batteries which can be exploded while being charged, causing serious injuries to users and there are some phenomenon of that.

One study found that vaping inhalation for seven months experienced an increase in shortness of breath, cough, and fevers. Cases of lipoid pneumonia associated with e-cigarette use have been reported with lungs inflammation.

Some people have touted e-cigarettes as a way to quit smoking. But studies have shown a lot of vaping health risks. Teens or young should not choose e-cigarettes as an alternative to tobacco smoking. Because it has so many side-effects and it doesn’t help quit smoking. All the parents should take care of their teens to make them stay out of vaping.

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